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PCPA National Leadership Forum

PCPA's Network of Senior Leaders in Primary Care Pharmacy

PCPA has created a national network of senior pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across general practice, federations, boards and networks.

This network will support members on a local and national level through an online forum hosted on Telegram. It is important that pharmacy professionals are able to demonstrate their worth and recognise opportunities for development.

Leadership forum members will be encouraged to share knowledge, experience and good practice with each other and act as a conduit for NHS leadership organisations. The forum will provide invaluable insight and guidance to influence national strategies, linking to the coal face experiences of pharmacy professionals.

The PCPA National Leadership Forum aims to:

Find out more about the Leadership Forum

Listen to this podcast from Dr Graham Stretch and Ankish Patel


Dr Graham Stretch
Chief Pharmacist and Partner, Argyle Health Care Group
PCPA President




Ankish Patel
Head of PCN Workforce, Nottingham City GP Alliance
PCPA Regional Vice President




Membership of the Forum

Membership Criteria:

  • You are a PCPA Member
  • You are a Senior Pharmacy Professional
  • You work in Primary Care
  • You are responsible for supporting other pharmacy professionals in your team

Why should I join the Forum?

  • Peer support
  • Maximise networking opportunities
  • Be part of a collective voice
  • Highlight and promote innovation
  • Support best practice

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Telegram Hosting

The Leadership Forum will be hosted on the PCPA Telegram Network.

This is a safe space, moderated by senior PCPA committee members for you to discuss and engage with your peers nationally.

Once application process has been completed, you will be sent the invite link for this Telegram group.

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