PCPA - Primary Care Pharmacy Association

PCPA Structure & Governance

PCPA is a member organisation. It is managed on behalf of its members through the PCPA Committee which is supported by the PCPA Office.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

We hold AGMs each year at our annual conference where PCPA members are invited to raise questions and hear about the activities of the association over the previous 12 months.

PCPA Committee

The PCPA Committee is responsible for the management and direction of PCPA. It is held accountable for all that is done in the Association’s name.

PCPA and joint working with corporate partners

The PCPA is a not for profit organisation. The PCPA is grateful for the support of its corporate members. The annual corporate membership fee is used to support our members. The following framework outlines the principles and values that underpin any PCPA joint working arrangement with its preferred corporate partners:

Values: The following values should underpin joint working:

  • Transparency and trust
  • Appropriateness of medical education and resources/projects
  • Patient focused
  • Value for money
  • Reasonable contact
  • Responsibility
  • Impartiality and honesty
  • Truthfulness and fairness

Principles of Joint Working: The following principles will apply to joint working:

  • It must be for the benefit of patients
  • It will be conducted in an open and transparent manner
  • It will take place at a corporate, rather than an individual level
  • Arrangements will be of mutual benefit, the principal beneficiary being the patient
  • Contract negotiations will be negotiated in line with NHS values
  • Confidentiality of information received in the course of the arrangement will be respected and never used outside the scope of the project
  • All patient identifiers will be removed from data to preserve and respect patient confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act
  • Reports and information pertaining to the agreement / projects will not be used or published without explicit permission given by all parties
  • It must not be used or seen as endorsement or promotion of any specific medicine or product
  • Pharmaceutical companies must comply with the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry at all times
  • NHS employed staff must comply with NHS, and their relevant professional body, Codes of Conduct at all times, as well as being aware of DH Guidance relating to joint working with the pharmaceutical industry (Best Practice Guidance for Joint Working between the NHS and the Pharmaceutical Industry, February 2008)

PCPA education and training governance

The PCPA via its educational lead Dr. Catherine Lowe (Keele University and NHS Shropshire) and our general committee is responsible for the identification of areas of interest and training opportunities for our members. Once a topic has been chosen, speakers identified and a framework developed, we may seek funding from our sponsors. We will follow the following criteria when funding is sought:

  • There will be no input into training topics, materials or speaker selection from our corporate sponsors
  • All PCPA training materials and resources will be externally peer reviewed
  • Where possible the PCPA will seek more than one sponsor for a regional meeting
  • Sponsors will be invited to attend the regional meetings as delegates
  • National conferences/events will follow a traditional model of financial funding through delegate fees and exhibition stands

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