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How could a greater focus on nutrition improve the care of frail older people? 
Health Service Journal webinar 
Better ways to care for the growing number of older people is a key challenge for the health service. Reducing the proportion of those who become frail will be 
crucial, and will involve a multi-faceted approach to bolstering wellbeing. 
This webinar will bring together a small group of experts to discuss how an increased focus on nutrition could improve the care of frail older people, leading to financial efficiencies and improved patient outcomes. Specific questions discussed included: 
• What are the challenges in identifying individuals at risk of malnutrition? How can these be addressed, and nutritional status reliably communicated? 
• Can the introduction of practice-based pharmacists bolster nutritional support in primary care? 
• How can secondary care make nutrition an essential part of discharge planning? 
What might the advantages be of so doing? 

Please see below the link to the HSJ webinar which was live a couple of weeks ago through the HSJ website - the below link will be accessible for 12months, and thank you for promoting through your website prior to it being shown - would be great to be able to share the link of the recording... 

To view the on demand version of the webinar, viewers need to register, exactly as for the live. The link to do that is: 


Once registered, the event can be accessed here: 


You’ll need to enter the e-mail address which with you’ve registered.

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