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PCPA Midlands Symposium via Zoom 18th May

May 18, 2022

Zoom Online

Event Summary:

PCPA Midlands Symposium via Zoom. 

Develop your clinical knowledge through interactive practical workshops and delivered by nationally renowned experts.

This event is FREE and open to all pharmacy professionals.

This is a national event but with a regional flair.

This is an online event 12.40 - 4.30pm. Parts of this event will be recorded.

  • Workshops selections will be released, once they become live. If you do not make a selection, these will be made on your behalf.
  • Once your place has been confirmed, we will send you your delegate pack which will include your bespoke Zoom Personal Agenda and the event programme. This will be sent just prior to the event.
  • Any presentations and recordings will be available to PCPA members only.
This event will be sponsored by pharmaceutical companies through the purchase of Exhibition sessions.
These companies have had no input into the design or content of the event agenda, except where a company has a separate company sponsored workshop. This promotional educational sessions have been sponsored and developed by the companies shown and is intended for UK Healthcare professionals only: Abbott, Amgen, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chiesi, GSK, FDB, Nutricia.


Event Details:

  • 12.40 - 13.05    Expert Panel Session: Question Time - Next steps in PCN Pharmacy?

  • 13.10 - 13.25    Educational Exhibition Session 1

  • 13.30 - 14.10    Workshop Session 1

  • 14.15 - 14.30    Educational Exhibition Session 2

  • 14.30 - 14.40    Comfort Break

  • 14.40 - 15.20    Workshop Session 2

  • 15.25 - 15.40   Educational Exhibition Session 3

  • 15.40 - 15.50    Comfort Break

  • 15.50 - 16.30   Workshop Session 3

  • 16.30   Close

Workshops and Exhibition Sessions:

Please select which session you would like to attend from the options below, in order of preference. Using the dropdown box, click the session you would like.

We will endeavour to grant your first choice where possible. If sessions are oversubscribed, we will allocate your second choice. Your selections will be sent to you via a pdf Personal Agenda prior to the event. This document will be your access to your selected sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you to this PCPA event.

13.10 - 13.25    Educational Exhibition Session 1

Free Resources to Fit your Needs and Interests in Osteoporosis

Key points:

  • Prolong – the Prolia patient support programme
  • Prolia Proactive – GP system searches to help manage Prolia patients
  • MIMs learning – CPD accredited osteoporosis training

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Amgen and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only

Sustainable Respiratory Care

At Chiesi, we believe true ‘sustainability’ in respiratory care can only be achieved with a broad array of projects that protect both our patients and the planet. During this session Chiesi representatives will share our approach to sustainable respiratory care with you, and answer any questions you may have.

This session is sponsored by Chiesi Ltd and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only.

CVD: Identifying and prioritising patients for optimal lipid management 

  • Join our session to see FDB AnalyseRx live in action within the EMIS clinical system.
  • See how we use deep integration and automatic daily updates to deliver compelling high risk cohorts and individual cases including those who require cholesterol optimisation as part of their long-term condition management.
  • Presentation of use cases to find, prioritise, track and manage patients with your multidisciplinary team.

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by FDB and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only

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13.30 - 14.10    Workshop Session 1

Womens Health - Focus on HRT  

Speaker: Helen Kilminster

Key Points:

  • Brief introduction to menopause & available therapies for menopause 
  • Best practice for HRT reviews
  • Group consultation & education ideas


Diabetes Nice Guidelines – Implementation strategies 

Speaker: Hannah Beba

3 takeaway messages :

  1. Start with a cohort of people that you feel confident and comfortable to manage and work from there
  2. Understand the workforce you have to manage different cohorts of people, don’t work in silos and establish your MDT to best effect
  3. The value in a pharmacist is the management of multimorbidity polypharmacy and remember that CV disease is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in people living with diabetes


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14.15 - 14.30    Educational Exhibition Session 2

Opportunities for Optimisation in COPD

  • The coronavirus pandemic has caused a backlog of patients across several therapy areas including COPD, now is an important time to build a stratified view of COPD risk amongst patients.
  • How can GSK Respiratory help provide a benefit for patients, the NHS and the environment. 
  • What services and solutions can GSK offer to support identification, review and optimisation of patients with COPD.

This is a promotional session from GSK and will discuss GSK medicines 

Anticoagulation Management for Treatment of Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation: Putting the Patient First - A Shared Decision

  • Shared Decision making is encouraged to improve patient satisfaction, adherence and medication persistence. Patients should be actively involved in their anticoagulation treatment decisions

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Bayer and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only. Adverse Event Reporting and Prescribing Information is available at the end of this presentation (RP-XAR-GB-4138 April 2022)

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14.40 - 15.20    Workshop Session 2

SMR - Focus on ACB and High Risk Drugs.

Speaker: Dr Graham Stretch

3 Key Points:

1. Prioritise patients at risk - who will benefit most from SMR?

2. Understand Anti-Cholinergic Burden, the evidence and the risks, particularly regarding cognitive impairment

3. Deprescribing and optimising medicines - helping your patients make the right choices


Depression - A Case Based Discussions

Speaker: Dimple Oza

3 Key Points are:

1. To be able to recognise the clinical presentation of depression and how untreated depression can impact on an individual

2. To understand the various pharmacological treatments of depression and knowing when and how to switch antidepressants

3. To recognise how best to manage side effects of an antidepressant when it is proven to be clinically effective for your patient


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15.25 - 15.40   Educational Exhibition Session 3

The bigger picture in Type 2 Diabetes – the Cardio-Renal-Metabolism (CRM) System

Key points:

  • Patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) are at increased risk of experiencing cardiovascular (CV) and renal complications, and they contribute to substantial burden to the healthcare system.
  • Progression of interrelated diseases (T2D, CV and kidney disease) can occur due to dysfunction of the CRM system, which in turn may lead to an increased risk of CV death.
  • Proactive management of the CRM risk factors requires a holistic view of the patient and a range of tools and resources are available to support this high risk patient group

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Boehringer Ingelheim and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only

Appropriate use of ONS in frail elderly to improve outcomes and decrease costs

  • Identifying when to start, change or stop ONS in frail patients
  • How Pharmacists can maximise compliance to reduce wastage and costs
  • The appropriate use of ONS in care homes

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Nutricia and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only

The Triangle of Diabetes Care – Three goals for better outcomes

  • Improving HbA1C
  • Reducing the frequency of hypoglycaemia
  • Limiting glucose variability
  • Why they are all important in managing everyday up and downs of diabetes and reducing the risk of long term complications to improve overall health and wellbeing

This promotional educational session has been organised and fully funded by Abbott and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only

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15.50 - 16.30   Workshop Session 3

SMRs in COPD aligned to the PCN DES

Speaker: Nipa Patel

Points to be discussed:

  • PCN DES Respiratory
  • Stratificaion of COPD patients for review
  • SMR COPD focus case study

This workshop session has been organised and fully funded by GSK and is intended for UK Healthcare Professionals only


Managing Hypertension

Speaker: Helen Williams

Key Points:

  • To highlight the current position in terms of blood pressure detection and management, particularly the impact of COVID
  • To describe how to make a diagnosis of hypertension using ABPM and HBPM
  • To discuss the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to control hypertension
  • To highlight priority cohorts of patients for early review during the recovery from COVID


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