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Graham Stretch

PCPA President

Partner and Chief Pharmacist, Argyle Health Group

Graham has practiced in Primary Care for more than two decades, developing an interest in deploying pharmacy teams with a full skill mix from trainees to advanced practitioners across general practice, primary care networks, care homes and community pharmacy.

Training and research are at the heart of Graham's work. In the last few years Graham has held a portfolio of roles as a Practice Partner, PCN Clinical Director, Chief Pharmacist and GP Federation Pharmacy Lead. Graham is a Fellow of the RPS and honourary member of APTUK. Over the last few years he has been the recipient of personal and team awards from BMJ, GP Awards, RPS, CPC, RCGP and PCPA.

Although he practices as a generalist, Graham is best known for his innovative work with older people in various care settings, particularly those with dementia or at end of life.

Graham has enthusiastically embraced the honour of the PCPA Presidency and looks forward to supporting primary care pharmacy professionals to excel and provide the best possible person-centred care.




































































"It is a great honour to have been asked to take up the presidency of PCPA. As individual pharmacists and pharmacy technicians travel on their journeys from preregistration, through foundation towards advanced practice and consultancy, PCPA will provide local and national assistance, offer opportunities to build portfolios, provide training, offer meaningful resources and most of all, be a connected group of coal face practising professionals offering real time, friendly, virtual and face to face networks.
































The PCPA is a unique peer to peer association of equals, we champion pharmacy practitioners and the expertise, safety and efficiency they add to any team. We are outward looking, research and evidence based, open and optimistic for our profession's future. We lift as we climb, facilitating and supporting members to upskill and thrive, providing an environment that celebrates innovation whilst embracing a sharing culture, generous with its time and expertise, so we all collectively benefit from our most precious resource - our members. I look forward to sharing the next few years with these members and growing together.