PCPA - Primary Care Pharmacy Association

About The PCPA

The Primary Care Pharmacy Association (PCPA) was established in 1999 for the benefit of all pharmacists with an active interest in primary care pharmacy.

It is the largest and longest standing independent organisation dedicated to supporting pharmacists working within primary care.

The PCPA is instrumental in:

  • Gathering and sharing best primary care pharmacy practice
  • Promoting the vital role played by primary care pharmacists in the UK
  • Provision of help and resources for the primary care pharmacy team
  • Provision of support, networking and events and continuing professional development for members in strategic, operational and practice roles

The PCPA works with key healthcare and pharmacy organisations to promote the role of primary care pharmacists in the UK.

Our Vision

The PCPA believes that primary care pharmacists should be:

  • The recognised professional member of the primary healthcare team responsible for choosing pharmacotherapy.
  • The recognised member of the commissioning team responsible for ensuring medicines optimisation is integrated into all care pathways.
  • The recognised expert professional for medicines governance, information and management in primary care.
  • The guardian of patient safety and welfare, maximising the benefits of medicines and minimising the risks caused by adverse effects.
  • The educator of all primary healthcare professionals, patients and their carers on the safe and effective use of medicines.
  • Dedicated practice pharmacist employed by every GP practice.
  • Senior Primary Care Pharmacist employed at board level by every CCG.

Mission Statement

The PCPA mission is to represent the professional interests of its UK members:

  • It promotes expert practice in primary care pharmacy for the benefit of patients, the public and its members.
  • Offering leadership and support to members, it aims to ensure the voice of primary care pharmacy is promoted and heard in the development and delivery of healthcare policy.
  • It aims to increase the recognition of the valuable role primary care pharmacists play in the UK as the expert in medicines governance, information and management.
  • It actively promotes the sharing of best practice and the advancement of innovation in primary care pharmacy.

Our Values

  • Our members are our priority and their needs will be at the heart of everything we do.
  • We will actively listen and respond to members needs and aspirations.
  • Through us, everyone will be encouraged, supported and recognised for who they are and what they deliver.
  • We will collaborate and co-operate with members and our key partners in overcoming the obstacles and barriers to advancing primary care pharmacy and commissioning excellence. We can achieve more by working together.

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